Why Us?

Pwan Edge Properties and Investment Ltd is a real estate marketing, management, development and investment company with core competence in providing a peaceful residential environment and exquisite homes within a very affordable budget for everyone. This is our sole reason for existence.
We’re a well-developed organisation with corporate longevity, customer focus and values in mind. Our serviced plots and exquisite homes are positioned with strong value increase potential to customers and investors.We source-buy-sell-develop affordable properties in developing and developed areas where the poor, middle and high income earners can afford. And provide exquisite homes and secured residential environment where love, joy, peace and excellence is fully expressed.

Our vision

To make home ownership dream a reality.

Our mission

To discover affordable lands in fast developing areas and make these known to you and also show you how can make money to buy land and build your own home or how you can make money to buy your home.

Our Core Values

A – Accountability
R – Responsibility
I – Integrity
S – Service
E – Excellence

Real-Estate Marketing

The marketing structure, platforms and strategy of PEPIL is second to none in the real estate industry in Nigeria. It is the modest truth. With different levels of stakeholders including but not limited to hundreds of sales consultants, marketing any real state asset – land, houses etc is our productive hobby. Put it in the hands of PEPIL, people will buy it – it is a sure promise.

Real-Estate Management

Investments without proper monitoring and management are simply nothing but waste – literally throwing away hard earned resources into the winds. At PEPIL, we partner with our clients all the way to avoid this. From land purchase to property development to managing (valuing, pricing, letting, leasing, maintaining etc) on behalf of our net worth clients, PEPIL continues partnering with her clients in pursuit of value creation, preservation and growth.

Real-Estate Investment

A renowned speaker once said ” the only investment that is real is real estate.” History and empirical evidences have proved that to be true except in the faces of inadvertent natural disasters and generic economic downturn. You will therefore be making the wisest decision to invest in real estate for premium return on investment and multi-generational asset building.

Real-Estate Development

At Pwan Edge, we are driven by the passion to become a one-stop real estate firm. From experience, some of our clients (especially those in the diaspora) start off their relationships with us from the point of purchasing any of our valuable plots of land. But some go the next step, developing their lands into dream homes (or any other desired type of buildings) leveraging our crop of professionals who run our clients’ budget with provable transparency to deliver peak results. The best time to own houses of your dream was probably some years ago. The next best time is NOW! Partner with Pwan Edge to make this happen.

Pwan Edge also has a roadmap to develop (for outright sales) different categories of buildings in various estates partnering with some financial institutions to provide mortgage facilities to eligible clients. It is our civil role and contribution to reducing housing deficits in Nigeria, in the immediate and the rest of sub Sahara Africa in the near future.